A collaborative Live Cinema Performance
"I've lived here 40 years, and you know what? I do feel nostalgic when I leave Palo Alto, when I miss the people from here, and I do feel nostalgic."
"My favorite part of Palo alto is the diversity— I love to hear many languages in the parks."
"I think there are always fascinating people around us all the time."
"You know? Palo Alto is not what it is to be — you should have seen it in the 90S, so much disparity."
"I've lived 20 years, and just recently, I got my visa... I'm proud of what I built here; this is my home."

"How is this art? I like classic art; I don't understand it."

"Estoy feliz de vivir aquí, pude ayudar a mis hijos a construir su futuro, y aunque extrañe donde crecí, estoy agradecida."

"I remember when I moved here 50 years ago, I did it for my kids; Palo alt0 has good schools, now they all graduated from University; I'm very happy".

"I love to come to the parks with my Grandaughter."

A grandmother and her Grandaughter decided to use the CINETERO as a Perfomatic window for dancing. 
"This is one of my favorite parks; the topology is very natural; I Love it."

"This is my story of Palo Alto; I was born here, then I went to Boston, then My dad wanted to come back, and now I'm here." — What's your favorite part of here? - "my friends." followed by a loud laugh, and then he and his friends ran away.

In this park, many kids used Cinetero as a Karaoke, Music Video Machine, and ASMR MAchine.
The performances occurred at and on

Palo Alto, CA 📍