The Cinetero is an adapted cart with the necessary equipment to create a live feed of sound and video. It is a mobile production and projection machine, all in one. The piece allows the creation of live cinema; in other words, the magic of cinema is made at the moment, with no editing. Cinetero is activated when the visitors engage with the artist—the participants are encouraged to share their personal stories about Palo Alto, in a cinematic style, with ambiance music, camera movement, and sound effects provided by the artist. 

Miguel NOvelo is a new media artist, filmmaker, and lecturer from Campeche, Mexico, and lives in Palo Alto, California. 
Novelo graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a bachelor's in fine arts (2018) with an emphasis in film, art, and technology and recently received a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Stanford University (2022). Novelo has exhibited artworks and short films internationally at museums, galleries, and film festivals, including the De Young Museum in San Francisco, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City, Festival Internacional de Cine in Morelia, Mexico; and Sheffield Doc/Fest in England, among others.